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  • Overview


    • Affordable housing laid the foundation of Related Companies and we continue to place a high priority on developing, acquiring and preserving housing for this sector.
    • Over 60% of our 50,000+ residential apartment homes under our management are part of one or more affordable housing programs, and an additional 20% of these homes provide workforce housing.
    • In the area of acquisitions and refinancing, we pursue properties that meet one of the following criteria: Section 8 properties with project-based contracts

    Section 236 properties in need of rehabilitation
    Section 42 LIHTC properties with expiring low-income restrictions
    Section 515 FmHA properties with loans that can be prepaid
    Other assisted properties, including HODAG, HOME, federal or state-financed public housing.


    • Many of the buildings we encounter are in need of substantial upgrading and preservation in order to continue to properly fulfill the needs of their tenants.
    • Given our 45 years of experience in debt and equity financing – as well as our extensive management of government-assisted properties – we are well positioned to buy out existing owners who lack the resources and experience to recapitalize and, therefore, wish to exit the affordable housing arena



    Under the direction of the Property Manager / Regional Manager / Regional or corporate officer, Related Management is seeking a multi-site maintenance supervisor to manage multiple disciplines on multiple properties. In compliance with all company policies & procedures, EEO, Human Rights statues & Fair housing requirements, the multi-site maintenance supervisor is to maintain an elevated level of quality and efficiency on all aspects of preventive maintenance, capital improvement / project management, required inspection compliance, identification & troubleshooting efforts & special projects as assigned.




    The multi-site maintenance supervisor is directly responsible for supervising and/or performing the following:

    1. Emergency Response management
    2. Capital Improvement projects
    3. Assistance with company, State, Local & Agency inspection requirements
    4. Preventive Maintenance
    5. Technical troubleshooting, resolving maintenance issues
    6. Preventative/scheduled maintenance program and staff/vendor supervision
    7. Repair projects
    8. Purchasing and maintenance of materials, supplies, inventories, and good vendor relation
    9. Site Custodial work, site ground work and staff supervision
    10. Site extermination program
    11. General site(s) administration
    12. Safety
    13. Special projects and other duties, as required


    The multi-site maintenance supervisor’s tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Provide Emergency response assistance, coordination and project management.
      - Available 24/7 to respond, communicate & organize emergency mitigation services with as needs arise throughout the portfolio.
      - Monitor, organize & coordinate professional & construction services for the complete restoration of affected buildings / units.
    2. Major Capital improvement specification development & execution.
      - Interface with community managers, Regional & Senior Management on planning, scheduling & project coordination to completion.
      - Procure Engineering, develop contract specifications, RFP’s, RFA’s & administer agreements / contracts.
      - Interface with Regional & Sr. management in the development & implementation of annual & long term (5-20 yr.) budgetary Capitol Improvement project planning.
    3. Monitor, organize & provide directives in association with Environmental requirements (ACM’s, LBP’s, UST’s, Mold, etc…) for each asset / project.
    4. Technical & troubleshooting assistance to solve MEP, building envelope & related building components / system deficiencies & emergencies.
    5. Provide assistance to comply with Federal, State & Municipal inspection requirements.
      - Compliance with OSHA, local & State building codes & regulations.

    - Ensure properties are actively curing active or previous violations associated with DOB-ECB, DOT, FDNY & HPD.

    1. Monitor, organize & provide assistance to ensure compliance with HUD REAC inspection requirements
      - Provide Pre-inspection reporting, training & follow up inspections to ensure properties are prepared in advance.
      - Prepare appeal documentation & responses where necessitated.
    2. Conduct periodic Property condition inspections & reports.
    3. Research, coordinate and execute projects in accordance with Section 504 and ADA requests & requirements.
    4. Monitor, report & provide assistance to Regional management to minimize resident work order repair & unit turnover response times & completion.
    5. Develop & implement a Preventive Maintenance program, specific to the needs of each asset.
    6. Monitor & assist re-curring (annual, etc.) contracted services to ensure key systems are serviced and operational (heating, dhw systems, life safety, etc.).
    7. Provide guidance & feedback on personnel recommendations & performance.
      - Review and provide recommendations for hire, to employ site based maintenance managers (supers) for the effective management of each asset.

    Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance Program:


    1. Schedule and perform and/or supervise maintenance on all site equipment based on the operating manuals and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Site equipment for which preventative maintenance schedules should be implemented include, but are not limited to:  appliances, boilers, HVAC units, hot water heaters, etc.
    2. Set up and maintain separate and accurate preventative maintenance records for all site-equipment, noting dates of inspection and repairs and listing all maintenance performed on each piece of equipment.


    Repair Projects:


    1. Supervise and/or perform light electrical repairs on items such as: appliances, fixtures, switches, outlets, intercoms, circuits, emergency lighting, etc.
    2. Supervise and/or perform plumbing repairs such as: replacing fittings, clearing stoppages, replacing faucets, etc.
    3. Supervise and/or perform miscellaneous repairs such as: broken glass, tiles, carpet, screens, garbage disposals, fixtures, appliances, locks, etc.
    4. Supervise and/or perform carpentry work such as fitting doors, freeing windows, replacing and/or building shelves, sanding and refinishing floors.
    5. Supervise and/or perform repairs to concrete, masonry, roof, and fencing.
    6. Periodically inspect all units, buildings and common areas; noting, scheduling and performing or supervising needed repairs.
    7. Schedule and supervise and/or perform work-order request responses to ensure satisfactory and timely responses.
    8. Maintain complete and accurate records of work-order requests and responses, including providing administrative staff with work-order copies (signed by tenants when possible).


    Purchasing and Maintenance of Materials, Supplies, Inventories and Vendor Relations:


    1. Establish and maintain stock-control methods including appropriate storage.
    2. Direct and supervise the proper utilization of maintenance materials.
    3. Maintain current, accurate inventories of supplies and materials.
    4. Establish and maintain good vendor relations and accounts in cooperation with the administrative staff.
    5. Review vendor invoices with administrative staff to confirm receipt of goods/services and accuracy of accounts billed, and provide information for chart-of-accounts coding.
    6. Solicit bids for contract work when so directed by the District Manager.
    7. Provide receipts and purchase information for petty cash expenditures to the administrative personnel responsible for the petty cash account.
    8. Follow the purchase-order procedure for all purchases for your site in cooperation with the administrative staff.
    9. Maintain current accurate information regarding the site’s contracts and suppliers and their services, goods, and emergency contacts.
    10. Assist in the collection of vendor insurance coverage documentation.
    11. Participate in budget planning activities with the Regional Manager.

    Site Custodial Work:


    1. Schedule and supervise and/or perform the routine custodial work for the site’s common areas, including: sweeping, mopping, buffing, vacuuming, trash removal, window cleaning, etc.
    2. Periodically inspect all units, buildings and common areas, supervising and/or performing necessary janitorial work.
    3. Schedule and supervise outside janitorial contract work as authorized by the Regional Manager.


    Site Grounds Work:

    Schedule, supervise and/or perform grounds work as needed, including mowing lawns, raking leaves, etc.

    Cycle Painting:

    1. Schedule, supervise and/or perform, or contract out as authorized by the Regional Manager, unit cycle painting in cooperation with the administrative staff, external painting for the site, and painting of vacant units when required.

    Apartment Renovations/Turns:

    1. Supervise and/or perform complete renovation of vacant units following RMC guidelines within the shortest time possible and in cooperation (in scheduling) with the administrative staff.
    2. Perform the move-out inspection and prepare the appropriate paperwork to document the renovation and any resulting repairs, billing, etc… in cooperation with the administrative staff.
    3. Coordinate move-out and move-ins in cooperation with the administrative staff.
    4. Maintain accurate unit aging reports.
    5. Participate in the bi-annual unit inspection process, at least one inspection per year.

    Site Extermination Program:

    1. Schedule and accompany outside contractors, or assign other staff to accompany them, on their rounds on site.
    2. Supervise and/or perform additional (on a limited basis) extermination services when required.



    1. Perform all work with forethought as to risk avoidance and with the safety of staff and tenants alike in mind.
    2. Notify the regional office of any incidents that may result in an insurance claim on the site.
    3. Review the premises regularly to assure compliance with all fire and safety codes and regulations and to make precautionary repairs, etc. where risks begin to appear.
    4. Perform or supervise regular, periodic testing/inspections of all fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and private hydrants.
    5. Develop and implement a fire (or other) emergency plan and confirm that staff is trained and capable of carrying out required procedures.
    6. Coordinate and supervise the site’s hazardous material management program(s) as required, obtaining required licensing and/or training.


    1. Identifies major building improvement/repairs/replacements, establish job specifications and the scope of work for each project. Reviews competitive bids, provides recommendations. Issues regular updates of the status of planned improvements/repairs and projects in in progress.
    2. Supervise building improvement/repair projects to assure compliance with job specifications, contract documents and building regulations and codes.
    3. Perform written site inspections, targeting specific areas which may need additional improvement.  Inspections should include observations of general cleanliness, preventive maintenance, mechanical system performance and curb appeal/site presentation issues.
    4. Participates in annual budget estimate to identify present and future maintenance/technical needs for the properties.
    5. Assists in initial screening interviews of superintendents and/or other maintenance job categories, where needed.
    6. Collaborates with Regional and local site staff as well as 3dr party resources to formalize a preventive maintenance program.
    7. Reviews properties to assure compliance with all fire and safety codes and regulations. Suggests precautionary repairs where risks begin to appear.
    8. Troubleshoots, any/all major building mechanical problems and works to solve problems timely and cost effectively.
    9. Interfaces with Regional and site staff to assure that RMC’s building standards (particularly with respect to building cleanliness, apartment turns and preventive maintenance) are always maintained.
    10. Insures that all measures are taken to maximize energy efficiency, provide recommendations for implementation where required.
    11. Notifies of any incidents that may result in an insurance claim or any potential liability problem that poses a risk to persons & property. 
    12. Provides technical training to on-site staff, where necessary, in the areas of technology, building systems and environmental issues, to maximize productivity and strengthen our commitment to “promoting from within” for future employment opportunities.
    13. Working knowledge of regulatory and building code requirements, including health, safety and environmental issues.
    14. Assists in the implementation of corporate operations and maintenance policies as they relate to environmental issues, i.e. asbestos, lead paint, oil tanks, right-to-know, etc.
    15. Train, confirm skill levels and supervise maintenance and custodial employees.
    16. Prepare a written daily work schedule for all site maintenance and custodial personnel.
    17. Prepare written schedules for periodic property inspections including those that occur on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.
    18. Maintain up-to-date information regarding water and gas meter cut-offs, apartments and fixtures cut-offs, and sewer clean-outs; post a map of this information.
    19. Establish a schedule for and participate in standby emergency coverage for evenings, weekends and holidays.
    20. Confirm that entrances and storage areas are locked and that adequate lighting is provided in those areas.
    21. Prepare and submit all required reports, i.e. sickness and disability, overtime, etc. accurately and on a timely basis.
    22. Provide feedback to administrative personnel concerning any unacceptable conditions in units visited for any reason including repairs, extermination, etc.
    23. Establish and maintain a good working team relationship with the administrative staff.


    Benefits and features:

    • Incentive bonus program
    • Training and development programs
    • Benefits including: Medical, Dental, Life & Disability, Paid Time Off, 401(K), Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Employee Recognition & Wellness Programs



    1. Understand and be able to use and interpret construction drawings & specifications, including architectural, MEP & Civil construction manuals.
    2. Knowledge of garden, low & high-rise construction, MEP, life safety systems, REAC, & UPCS.
    3. Working knowledge of equipment, materials and supplies used in facility maintenance, supplies & repairs.
    4. Knowledge of troubleshooting testing equipment.
    5. Knowledge in the proper and safety techniques of building maintenance.
    6. Experience with RealPage OneSite, or other core property management software - able to create reports and analyze property performance metrics related to work order completion, turnover, and preventive maintenance.
    7. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
    8. Ability to select and oversee the work of consultants and contractors for building repairs and renovations.
    9. Ability to organize, analyze, interpret and evaluate problems and provide practical, cost effective solutions.
    10. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    11. Ability to plan, organize and monitor work activities according to priorities, established schedules, deadlines and emergencies.



    1. Position to be based out of Harbor Village Apartments (Harbor City)
    2. Frequent travel to sites.
    3. Must be willing to work various schedules.
    4. Must be accessible to respond to off-hour emergency situations.

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    Related is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


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