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Related Companies is the most prominent privately-owned real estate firm in the United States. Formed 40 years ago, Related is a fully-integrated, highly diversified industry leader with experience in virtually every aspect of development, acquisitions, management, finance, marketing and sales. Headquartered in New York City, Related has offices and major developments in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, South Florida, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai and boasts a team of approximately 2,000 professionals. The Company’s existing portfolio of real estate assets, valued at over $15 billion, is made up of best-in-class mixed-use, residential, retail, office, trade show and affordable properties in premier high-barrier-to-entry markets. For over a decade Related made its mark in the super luxury condominium market by developing properties that have achieved record-breaking sales statistics in each of its submarkets, is the largest owner of luxury residential rental properties in New York with over 5,000 units in its portfolio, has developed preeminent mixed-use projects such as Time Warner Center in New York and CityPlace in West Palm Beach and is currently developing the 26-acre Hudson Yards project on Manhattan’s west side. Related also manages approximately $1.5 billion of equity capital on behalf of sovereign wealth funds, public pension plans, multi-managers, endowments, Taft Hartley plans and family offices.

Related is staunchly committed to sustainable design with over $6 billion in green development underway or completed. The firm developed one of the first green residential buildings in the nation, Tribeca Green in Battery Park City, New York and Chicago's first green residential building, 340 on the Park. Related recently completed a collection of new LEED-certified residential buildings, The Brompton, The Harrison, MiMA and Superior Ink in New York City, The Clarendon in Boston and The Century in Los Angeles, as well as several green mixed-use and retail projects.

Related also owns Equinox(R) Fitness Clubs, further expanding the company's capabilities into the health and fitness arena and enhancing the value of its properties by incorporating an exclusive, branded amenity into the lifestyle offering, and a partnership interest in Unions Square Events, the catering, culture, sports, and events business of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group . For more information about Related Companies please visit


The on-site Maintenance Supervisor is responsible under the direction of the Property Manager and Related Management Company for the oversight of all property maintenance Supervisory Staff and the overall maintenance of the site and keeps the Manager fully informed of the sites’ statuses.  The Director of Maintenance performs all duties in compliance with all company policies and procedures, the Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Housing and Human Rights statutes.
The Maintenance Supervisor is directly responsible for oversight of 4 Supervising Maintenance staff and 49 union Maintenance staff that operate on a 365-day/3 shift schedule for a, 1,689 unit mixed-use apartment complex with 17 commercial tenants, a 1,000 car garage, health club, racquet club, and an approximate $10 million annual Repairs/Maintenance budget and a $5 million Capital Expenditure budget, and/or performing the following:


Essential Duties & Responsibilities include the following.

  1. Preventative/scheduled maintenance program and staff supervision.
  2. Repair projects.
  3. Working with Purchasing Agent to purchase and maintain materials, supplies, inventories, and good vendor relations. Approve all maintenance related POs.
  4. Site Custodial Work and staff supervision.
  5. Site ground work and staff supervision.
  6. Cycle and Turn painting - interior/exterior.
  7. Apartment renovations/turns and staff supervision.
  8. Site extermination program.
  9. General site administration.
  10. Safety.
  11. Amenity areas, including a park, landscaped plazas, and recreation spaces.
  12. Emergency Preparedness Manual.
  13. Material Safety Data Sheets.
  14. Maintenance oversight of 1,689 apartments in two high-rise elevator buildings, Health Club, Tennis Bubble, 1,000 car parking garage, and 17 retail tenants.
  15. Special projects and other tasks, as required by the Property Manager and Management Company.

Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance Program

  1. Schedules, performs and/or supervises maintenance on all site equipment based on operating manuals and the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Site equipment for which preventative maintenance schedules should be implemented includes, but is not limited to appliances, HVAC units, elevators, fire suppression systems, tennis bubble, hot water heaters, Plumbing PMS ,cooling tower maintenance in line with current DOH regulations, internal combustion co-gen system, etc.
  2. Sets up and maintains separate and accurate preventative maintenance records for all site-equipment, noting dates of inspection, repairs and listing all maintenance performed on each piece of equipment.

Repair Project

  1. Supervises maintenance staff and/or on-site electrical contractor electrical repairs on items such as appliances, fixtures, electrical panels, switches, outlets, intercoms, circuits, emergency lighting, etc. Coordinate infra-red scans, transformer cleaning and maintenance and all other PM programs.
  2. Supervises maintenance staff and/or on-site plumbing contractor plumbing repairs such as replacing fittings, clearing stoppages, emergency pipe repairs, replacing faucets, etc.
  3. Supervises maintenance staff and/or on-site contractor miscellaneous repairs such as broken glass/windows, flooring, fixtures, appliances, locks, etc.
  4. Supervises maintenance staff and/or on-site contractor carpentry work such as fitting doors, freeing windows, replacing and/or building shelves, sanding and refinishing floors, and other carpentry work as needed.
  5. Supervises and/or performs repairs to concrete, masonry, roof, and fencing.
  6. Periodically inspects all units per HUD requirements, buildings and common areas; noting, scheduling and performing or supervising needed repairs. Coordinate monthly building inspections by supervisor personnel.
  7. Schedules and supervises and/or performs work-order request responses to ensure satisfactory and timely responses.
  8. Maintains complete and accurate records of work-order requests and responses, including providing administrative staff with work-order copies (signed by tenants when possible).
  9. One-Site experience preferred

Purchasing and Maintenance of Materials, Supplies, Inventories and Vendor Relations

  1. Establishes and maintains stock-control methods including appropriate storage.
  2. Directs and supervises the proper utilization of maintenance materials.
  3. Maintains current, accurate inventories of supplies and materials.
  4. Establishes and maintains good vendor relations and accounts in cooperation with the management and administrative staff.
  5. Reviews vendor invoices with the administrative staff to confirm receipt of goods/services and accuracy of accounts billed, and provides information for chart-of-accounts coding.
  6. Solicits bids for contract work when so directed by the Property/ Management Company.
  7. Provides receipts and purchases information for petty cash expenditures to the administrative personnel/automated expense reporting program as needed for the petty cash accounts.
  8. Follows the purchase-order procedure for all purchases based on property limits and Budget line items.
  9. Maintains current accurate information regarding the site’s contracts and suppliers and their services, goods, and emergency contacts.
  10. Assists in the collection of vendor insurance coverage documentation.
  11. Participates in budget planning activities with the Property Manager and Management Company as well as monthly Budget Variance Review.

Site Custodial Work

  1. Oversight of Maintenance staff that periodically inspects all units, buildings and common areas and supervising necessary janitorial work.

Site Grounds Work

  1. Oversight of Maintenance staff that schedules and supervises ground work as needed, including maintenance of entrance plazas, park area, resident plaza areas and recreation areas, etc.

Cycle Painting

  1. Oversight of Maintenance staff that schedules and supervises or contracts out unit cycle painting.
  2. Oversight of Maintenance staff that schedules and supervises or contracts out external painting for the site.
  3. Oversight of Maintenance staff that schedules and supervises or contracts out painting of vacant units when required.

Apartment Renovations/Turns

  1. Oversight of Maintenance staff that supervises the complete renovation of vacant units following RMC’s guidelines within the shortest time possible and in cooperation (in scheduling) with the administrative staff.
  2. Oversight of the Maintenance staff that supervises the move-out inspection and prepares the appropriate paperwork to document the renovation and any resulting repairs, billing, etc., in cooperation with the administrative staff.
  3. Oversight of Maintenance staff that coordinates move-outs and move-ins in cooperation with the administrative staff.
  4. Maintains accurate unit aging reports.
  5. Oversight of Maintenance staff that supervises annual HUD annual unit inspection process, and prepares a list of apartment deficiencies, and works with maintenance and administrative staff to remedy areas of concern.

Site Extermination Program

  1. Oversight of maintenance staff that manages outside contractors, or assigns other staff to accompany them, on their rounds on site.

General Site Administration

  1. Trains, confirms skill levels and supervises maintenance employees.
  2. Works with Maintenance Supervisory staff to prepare a written daily work schedule for all site maintenance personnel.
  3. Works with Maintenance Supervisory staff to prepares written schedules for periodic property inspections, including those that occur on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.
  4. Maintains up-to-date information regarding water and gas meter cut-offs, apartments and fixture cut-offs, and sewer clean-outs.  Posts a map of this information. Familiarize with existing gas, water, and electrical valve charts.
  5. Establishes a schedule for and participates in standby emergency coverage for evenings, weekends and holidays.
  6. Schedules maintenance staff holiday and union vacation day schedule coordinate vacation schedule for 49 union employees in accordance to CBA.
  7. Confirms that entrances and storage areas are locked and that adequate lighting is provided in those areas.
  8. Prepares and submits all required reports, i.e. sickness and disability, overtime, etc. accurately on a timely basis.
  9. Provides feedback to administrative personnel concerning any unacceptable conditions in units visited for any reason including repairs, extermination, etc.
  10. Establishes and maintains a good working team relationship with the administrative staff.
  11. Establishes and maintains a good working relationship with Maintenance staff union representatives.


  1. Performs all work with forethought as to risk avoidance and with the safety of staff and tenants alike in mind.
  2. Notifies the property manager/ regional office of any incidents that may result in an insurance claim on the site.
  3. Reviews the premises regularly to ensure compliance with all fire and safety codes and regulations and makes precautionary repairs, etc., where risks begin to appear.
  4. Supervises regular, periodic testing/inspections of all fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and private hydrants.
  5. Develops and implements a fire (or other) emergency plan and confirms that staff is trained and capable of carrying out required procedures.
  6. Coordinates and supervises the site’s hazardous material management program(s) as required, obtaining required licensing and/or training.
  7. Works with Supervisory staff to maintain material safety data sheets.

Special Projects

  1. Special projects and/or additional tasks may be required by the Property Manager/District Manager and/or Regional Vice President at any time to meet the needs of the property.
  2. Preparation for and oversight of required HUD REAC inspections.
  3. Oversight of high-rise elevator system management contract.
  4. Oversight of PTAC maintenance program with on-site contractor.
  5. Oversight of operations and maintenance of a 900 watt co-gen system.
  6. Tracking and understanding of utility trends for an all-electric building.
  7. Experience handling violations (NYFD, DOB, HPD, REAC, etc.)
  8. Union negotiations and oversight of staff disputes in accordance with CBA.
  9. Working with Purchasing Manager to assure timely and cost-effective purchases.


Technical Skills

  1. Previous maintenance experience in various maintenance areas including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and general building operations.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  3. Previous customer service experience.
  4. Ability to supervise and direct a team of maintenance staff.
  5. Good organizational and planning skills.
  6. General computer knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with One-Site preferred as well as energy management computer programs.
  7. Familiarity with NYCHPD and HUD Section 8 regulations.
  8. Union shop management experience.
  9. Working knowledge of UltiPro.
  10. Payroll supervision and approval experience.
  11. Certifications are a plus.
  12. Union experience/knowledge preferred but not mandatory.

Working Conditions:

  1. Monday through Friday schedule with the flexibility to work outside of the scheduled hours as necessary to accommodate all job functions in an acceptable time frame.
  2. Ability to answer emergency calls, as required, in the evening hours, weekends and on holidays.
  3. Provide after-hours guidance and technical assistance to site staff via telephone.
  4. Must be accessible to respond to off-hour emergency situations.


On-site apartment provided as part of employment.


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